Giant Views Archive 2008 Craig Lindholm


Giant Views of the Industry

BASF U.S. Crop Protection Products

Craig Lindholm, Seed Treatment Marketing Manager for BASF U.S. Crop Protection Products


Capturing Values with Cereals

“The main focus on cereals is because there’s a large amount of cereal acres that are untreated.”


Corn Treatments

“When we look at the corn we see some gaps that are taking place right now in the industry…”


Crop-by-crop Focus

“If you look at the value of seed treatments – a lot of the value has to do with the planting rates of the crops.”


Distribution Channels

“ We plan on marketing our seed treatment products through our channel partners…”


Entering a New Market

“BASF is entering the seed treatment business and we plan on entering in a very big way.”


Growth Potential

“By 2010, we’ll have 11 brand new products in the market.”


Increasing Plant Health

“Plant health is very important to the plant throughout the growing season but it all starts with a healthy seedling.”

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