Giant Views Archive 2007 Bruce Howison


Giant Views of the Industry

Syngenta Seeds and Traits

Bruce Howison, Head of Strategic Marketing, Corn & Soybeans for Syngenta Seeds and Traits


Changes in Herbicide and Insecticide

“Two things have really changed.”


Brand Segmentation

“Our challenge is to make our brands even more unique.”


Creating Demand

“The trait providers have a marketing approach rather than a sales approach in the seed industry.”


Ethanol industry

“We are currently investing heavily in the ethanol industry.”


Supporting Farmers

“We have to help farmers in being able to feed this growing demand for food, for feed and for energy.”


Multiple Brands Approach

“We think that the unique relationship that a brand has with a customer is an inherant part of how we go to market.”


Syngenta’s Role in the Sector

“We’re in it for the long term.”


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