February 2018


Year of the Coreopsis

Origin: Americas Family: Asteraceae Genus: Coreopsis Uses: Equally, at home in naturalized prairie settings or manicured landscapes, Coreopsis provide a… Read More


Year of the Tulip

Origin: Southern Europe, eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and Asia Family: Liliaceae Genus: Tulipa Uses: Popular throughout the world as ornamental… Read More


Fighting the Resistance

Experts weigh in on best practices and the future of herbicide use. It’s been nearly 80 years since the discovery… Read More


Year of the Beet

Origin: Mediterranean Family: Amaranthaceae Genus: Beta Includes: The root vegetable, known as beetroot or garden beet; the leaf vegetable, known… Read More


Year of the Calibrachoa

Origin: Brazil and other Latin America locations Family: Solanaceae Genus: Calibrachoa Uses: With small petunia-like flowers, Calibrachoa is best displayed… Read More