Is the Fear of Software Keeping You In the Slow Lane?

- Vincent Veneziale

For a lot of seed businesses, the idea of implementing a new seed management software system is often scary and intimidating. Many seed businesses end up deciding that they are better off doing things the way they have become accustomed to, even when status quo means continuing living with software or software providers that are far from perfect. The slow lane on a highway is often more comfortable.

These are some typical excuses that a business may use but are these really justified?

A new more modern system is too expensive.

Small- and medium-sized companies have to work with smaller budgets and often have to choose between making capital investments in new processing/warehousing equipment and implementing a new software system.

In reality, a new software system helps the business plan better and allows it to deal with larger volumes of orders and inventory by improving the business processes and providing better visibility so that throughput is improved, shipments are on time, lowering need to hold inventory for extended periods. This can contribute to a business’s growth as much as, if not more than, new equipment.

Spreadsheets are just as good.

Spreadsheets are great tools, but they cannot take the place of an integrated seed management system that gives you more complete control over all your production, inventory, quality and sales data. Replacing the spreadsheets eliminates slow and error-prone manual data entry and maintenance and out-of-date spreadsheets being updated by different people and departments.

The team is just too busy.

The team is busy keeping spreadsheets up to date, locating and shuffling files and paperwork, walking around the facility trying to figure out what inventory they have and responding to customer queries and issues. A modern comprehensive seed management system frees the team from time-sucking manual, repetitive and duplicate tasks. This helps the business run more smoothly by consolidating data, so you can make decisions off one version of the truth and provides up-to-date, accurate visibility of inventory.

A new system will lack flexibility and not be tailored to my specific needs.

Every business is different, and a multitude of work arounds and adapted processes will have been put in place to accommodate some of the unique requirements. A good software vendor will keep their systems up to date with business and regulatory changes and will also provide customization services to accommodate the specific functionality needed and the ability to add on capabilities as the business grows.

Comprehensive software systems are only for big businesses.

A flexible seed management system can adapt to small- and medium-sized businesses and be the perfect integrated line of business solution for bigger companies.

Investing in software gives businesses the potential to do more business, have happier customers, achieve their goals and give their employees the tools they need to succeed. You really do have nothing to fear but fear itself.