Global Standard Needed

This past September, Dow AgroSciences received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its Enlist corn and soybeans traits, and in October, we cleared the chemical solution that goes with it, Enlist Duo. For us, that’s a major event. We have been working, as you can imagine, on deregulation and all the different studies […]

Puzzling Truths In Labeling

The issue of seed testing uniformity is a complex and convoluted problem with many players and facets involved. There’s thousands of seed species, nearly a hundred labs, multiple testing methods, governance and compliance. After having been in the seed testing industry for 34 years, I’ve seen just about everything. While I applaud the Association of […]

Giant Biographies – December 2014

Neil Bentley Neil Bentley, BASF director of marketing for the U.S. Crop division, oversees the marketing activities for the U.S. crop protection business. He grew up in a small farming community in southern Minnesota where he began his agricultural career working summers while still in school. After earning his MBA from the Fuqua School of […]

Polished & Professional

This seed industry has become a global force, with more technological advances and a higher level of professionalism than ever before. The continued globalization of the industry means the movement of seed remains a top priority, while increased professionalism and a focus on ancillary services that help seed companies stand out from the pack are […]

Unique Collaboration, a Pathway to Success

Teamwork is a catch-all phrase for a myriad of collaboration components. It’s also a concept that’s embraced in many types of organizations. Within an organization, teamwork is often viewed as a creative and efficient method to achieve positive, sustainable results and, in many cases, a method of departmental operations. I believe that when teamwork is […]

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