California to Host International Seed Conference


The International Society for Seed Science will host the 12th Triennial Conference Sept. 10-14 in Monterey, California. This is the first time since 1989 that the conference, which brings together top domestic and international seed scientists and post-doctoral and student researchers, will be held in the United States.

Speakers from both public and private business will highlight the latest seed science developments. Additionally, registrants will have the opportunity to tour seed companies and vegetable production sites in the Salinas Valley region the morning of Sept. 13. The tours will be followed by a catered lunch, afternoon trade show and career fair. In the evening, Seed Central will host a networking event and discussion panel.

Preliminary session topics include: seed development systems, seed germination and dormancy systems, seed microbial systems, seed ecological systems, seed conservation systems and seed scanning systems.

Registration is not yet available; however, companies interested in sponsoring the conference or hosting a tour can contact Julie Tillman at 530-752-4733.

The International Society for Seed Science is committed to fostering and promoting research, education and communication in the scientific understanding of seeds, in all aspects, pure and applied, from molecular biology to ecology.

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