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Heartland Global, Inc.

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Heartland Global, Inc. (HG) is a farm, agribusiness investment, and economic development business focused on emerging markets, ag-innovation and advisory services. Our HG partners have extensive experience throughout the global seed sector and more than two-thirds have served in multi-national seed companies. Our partners consult for large and small seed companies, national governments, regional economic communities, and for bilateral and multilateral donors such as USAID and World Bank.

In the area of seed we provide expertise in breeding, foundation and parent seed production, commercial production and out-grower schemes, logistics, quality management systems, sales and marketing, market analysis, M&A due-diligence, IP, partner/distributor identification, regulatory and government affairs, biotechnology and seed regulatory, third party audits, and connections with genetics providers.

Our business focuses on providing holistic and vertically integrated solutions.
• We provide farm and agribusiness advisory services, as an entry point for new business growth, especially in previously under-reached market segments, such as priority markets in Africa, the Americas, and Asia.
• We invest in US and Emerging market agriculture directly, and indirectly through financial instruments.
• We create innovative business to business (B2B), and private-public partnership (PPP) solutions, which provide a more sustainable and less risky market entry strategy.
• We deliver innovative agricultural technology transfer and deployment, and can provide registration and seed testing service
• We support the power of local knowledge combined with global best practice. Our HG partners have global experience including in emerging and developed markets.
• We believe in holistic business, technology and economic development solutions, that last beyond projects and donor programs, and that scale research into commercial use.

Heartland Global, Inc. Technology and Knowledge Innovations for Sustainable Growth.

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