Dow AgroSciences Licenses Plextein to EPL BAS


Today (Aug. 3), Dow AgroSciences agreed to license Plextein — a high throughput method for detecting and quantitating multiple proteins in plants — to EPL Bio Analytical Services (EPL BAS). The non-exclusive license agreement grants EPL BAS access to patented intellectual property targeting improvements in the speed, quality and efficiency of protein quantitation in planta by mass spectrometry.

“Plextein technology is an exciting addition to our analytical capabilities,” says Fred Claussen, EPL BAS vice president for method development. “Quantification of multiple plant proteins by LC-MS/MS in a single assay greatly improves our ability to provide high quality analytical data to the agricultural biotech industry in a timeframe not achievable with previous technology platforms.”

Dow AgroSciences invented Plextein to rapidly identify and quantify proteins in plant samples. The technology is a high-throughput method utilizing liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) to simultaneously measure plant-derived proteins of interest to companies and government regulators.

“Speed and accuracy are essential in today’s agricultural research,” says Tom Meade, Dow AgroSciences global seeds and traits discovery leader. “Our Plextein technology enables quantitative protein assays to be developed and validated in weeks, instead of months. Licensing our technology to EPL BAS expands the availability of this precise, efficient and cost-effective tool.

EPL Bio Analytical Services is a Good Laboratory Practice compliant, ISO 17025-accredited analytical contract lab that serves the global agricultural industry by analyzing feed and food ingredients, organic products, genetically enhanced crops, bio-pesticides, plants, algae, plant protection agents and crop chemicals.


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